Stimuli set: created by Markov Y. and Lyaskovsky P. 16 images of threar-relevant animals and 16 images of threar-irrelevant animals

Stimuli set created by Tiurina N.A. and Markov Y. (from Markov Y., Utochkin I. S., Brady T.F. (Submitted for Review, 2019) Real-world objects are not stored in bound representations in visual working memory // Preprint: PsyArXiv): 150 categories with exemplars in different or same states

Stimuli set created by Markov Y. and Khvostov V.(Khvostov V., Markov Y., Brady T.F., Utochkin I. S. (Submitted for Review , 2020) Limitations on animacy categorization in ensemble perception // Preprint: PsyArXiv): 10 morph pairs