JURICS Base: Joint Universal Real-world Images with the Continuous States

Markov Yuri, Tiurina Natalia, Michalev Nikita, Utochkin Igor

Stimuli Base includes 98 categories of objects, each represented by 2 exemplars. Each exemplar has 20 states. You could see the example below. The final stimuli base will contain 3920 JPG/PNG images and 196 GIFs.

Poster from ECVP 2021

Poster from VSS 2022

Stimuli base is still under validation!

We asked observers (N = 56) to rate* images:

  • Write name of the exemplar

  • Evaluate familiarity of the exemplar

  • Evaluate visual complexity of the object

  • Determine the category

  • Write name of the dynamic state

  • Write name of the final state

  • Evaluate familiarity of the changing state

*Each participant rated only one exemplar from the pair, presented as animation only in one direction

If you are interested in our stimuli base and some important characteristics of our image set are missing, please contact us: yuamarkov@gmail.com

Below you could find preliminary correlation matrix (left) and mean value for each category (right).

The database is dedicated to Yuri’s late grandfather Bondyrev Yury Vsevolodovich, who taught him photography and other necessary skills.

Authors thanks Prilepskaya Taisiya Vladimirovna, Loskutova Elizaveta Evgenevna, Baigusheva Uliana Alexandrovna, Kabanova Veronika Sergeevna, Fominova Ekaterina Pavlovna, Yudin Evgeny Sergeevich, Moiseeva Maria Igorevna, Lenchukova Elena Stanislavovna, Yakovleva Olga Borisovna, Rot Polina Sergeevna, Byvaltseva Elizaveta Alexandrovna in their help with finding new objects, photographing objects and image processing.

The reported project was funded by RFBR according to the research project #20-313-90064